Application areas

SMS marketing is suitable for every type of organisation and industry. KundenMeister provides several possibilites to use this marketing tool ideally for your company.

With the KundenMeister you have all possibilities to use the SMS-Tool for your CRM.

Fields of application

Whether tourism association, hotel, pub, concert organizer, association or commercial enterprise, the KundenMeister SMS solution can be used in many ways in your company. It not only increases customer satisfaction, but also the number of customer visits.

An SMS Letter is the ideal solution

  • For restaurateurs and tourism businesses: customers receive their lunch menu up to date and directly on their mobile phone (daily/weekly).
  • For organisers, communities and tourist regions: The cinema programme, current highlights and events for the surrounding area, as well as information on special topics or on your favourite disco are delivered directly to the mobile phone of interested parties.
  • For music groups, cultural organizers: Concert dates, news and trends can be distributed very quickly.
  • For tradespeople and retailers: Highlights from the current range of products and services are sent directly and quickly to the customer’s mobile phone.
  • The personal informing of your contacts about news and events via SMS can be easily handled and controlled by KundenMeister.

Our list about application fields provides several examples for which industries and companies SMS marketing is particularly suitable.