You’ve never seen
such a product before.

Products Module KundenMeister ERP

What would you think if we told you about a product management system whose applications are as diverse as your everyday business? Because this is exactly what it is made for – to meet your daily requirements. As the basis for your online shop, your logistics and your quotation and invoicing. Sounds incredible? Yes – and that’s exactly why your products are in the best hands with us.

Managing products

Just the right attitude towards your products.

Our product management can be optimally adapted to your needs and requirements. You work with product categories for a better overview, store prices and discount scales for excellent sales offers, you put your product in the right light with attractive images and encourage your customers to buy with attractive descriptions.

And to make sure you really have all the settings you need, you can simply add your own fields for optimal product management.

Product Data KundenMeister ERP
Great versatility

A product for all situations

With KundenMeister you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your products. Run a webshop. Insert directly into offers and invoices. Offer different prices according to target groups. Perfectly organize your merchandise management thanks to available quantities, reorder points, batch products and serial numbers. Determine shipping based on packaging units, size and weight. Store data sheets and price catalogues.

Or simply add them to contacts – for excellent customer service and outstanding marketing activities.

Product Overview KundenMeister ERP

The fantastic thing about the product module is the work it does for each of your business units. Capture basic information such as prices, variants and sizes for your sales, cross-selling for your marketing, management of stock quantity, expiry date, reorder point for your merchandise management and automatic sales reports for your controlling.

produkte image
Simple cross-selling

Other customers also bought…

Admittedly an old marketing trick, but how often did we not buy something ourselves because it was the perfect complement to the chosen product!

And that’s exactly why we share this trick with you and provide you with numerous functions in the KundenMeister to enable easy up- and cross-selling as well as to stir up combination products at special prices and to offer your product in all variants or sizes. For things that really interest your customers and others.

Similar Products KundenMeister ERP
Product sales & statistics

These figures speak for themselves

Your products are the centre of your business activities. This makes it all the more important to know your bestsellers, leave flops behind and get off to a successful start with the right range. And with the KundenMeister you have the best basis for this.

Based on your orders and invoices, KundenMeister automatically calculates the number of product sales, the turnover achieved per product and product category, and also your recurring turnover from subscription products. Figures over figures – all for your success!

Product Reports KundenMeister ERP


With KundenMeister you can successfully manage your products. Discover all key features and advantages.
Reduced administrative effort
Clear administration of all products and categories
Various application possibilities, e.g. for the online store
Reduction of the error rate thanks to one-time recording for invoices, offers, etc.
faster handling of sales and logistics processes