Product Administration

KundenMeister contains a comprehensive product management solution, which enables you to ideally manage your customers, product groups and goods.

Professional product management as a sales basis

The KundenMeister includes a comprehensive product management solution that allows you to provide optimum support for your products and product groups. As the heart of the sales software, the KundenMeister product manager plays a central role in the company – products and service descriptions are created here, product images are uploaded and prices and delivery conditions are defined. The goal should not only be the creation of a comprehensive product catalogue, the data of the product management also serves as a basic basis for the other modules of the CRM software, be it for the creation of invoices, orders or the administration of the merchandise management system.

Powerful product management software

With the use of a product management software such as the KundenMeister, you can bring structure and order into your product management. Each of your goods thus have its own digital product file in which you enter prices, currencies, tax rates as well as technical data (weight, dimensions etc.) and customer-oriented product descriptions. Thanks to web-based access to the KundenMeister product management, employees have access to up-to-date product data at any time and from anywhere. Not only sales employees benefit from the product management software, but also marketing or customer service employees can better respond to customer requests or questions about products within advertising campaigns or support requests.

Managing products with the subscription function

With the subscription function of the KundenMeister product administration you can also manage recurring products, such as maintenance contracts or subscription products, easily and conveniently. In doing so, you can individually define the period of time, whether monthly, annually or quarterly, for your product delivery.

In addition, the product management software also allows the creation of so-called combination products, so that sets or packages can also be handled in a playful manner.

Extensive product evaluations

Not only can the KundenMeister be used to manage products, but evaluations of product turnover and sales targets can also be created very easily with the CRM product management software. Thanks to the automated reports, you can see your bestselling products at a glance and can push them more effectively in your marketing campaigns.

Further advantages of the KundenMeister product management

  • Integration of the product management into your online shop
  • Clear product management thanks to product groups
  • Multilingualism or translations of products for international sales possible
  • Discounts, tax rates, etc. can be set individually for each product
  • Easy import/export of products from Excel files
  • Deposit of available quantities, storage locations and minimum stocks for inventory management
  • Individual status of products for different platforms (active, inactive, action etc.)
  • QR code generation possible

To get a better insight into the functions of our KundenMeister product management, you have the possibility to test the software for free. Convince yourself of the numerous advantages!