Stock management

Your warehouses do not manage themselves on its own. With us it does.

Merchandise Management KundenMeister ERP

We offer innovation at all levels. In purchasing, in sales and of course in the organisation of your warehouses and suppliers. And everything together results in a special kind of warehouse management. Because with us you can control your entire material flow at the push of a button, including supplier conditions, incoming invoices, minimum stock levels and delivery notes.

Manage stock levels

With us you have exactly the right products in stock

Efficient warehouse management requires a system that allows you to easily keep track of each of your warehouses at any location. It’s a good thing that the KundenMeister exists.

Not only does it allow you to do this, it also lets you make transfer postings at the touch of a button and, thanks to automatic notifications of minimum stock levels, always ensures that your goods are available in sufficient quantities at the required time. Simply clever!

Merchandise Management Warehouses KundenMeister ERP
Suppliers & incoming goods

Delivered – Open – Booked

There are many things that need to be taken into account in purchasing: the supplier with the best conditions, the documentation of supplier orders, the booking of incoming goods and then also the recording of the corresponding incoming invoices.

Sounds like a heck of a job? Yes, but with the KundenMeister you can do it all in just a few clicks. Define suppliers and their conditions such as minimum purchase quantities, send an order confirmation based on a defined template and well, you turn a click into a goods receipt.

New Goods Receipt KundenMeister ERP
This software follows every workflow. And that’s why you can use KundenMeister to handle your entire ordering system, order processing and warehouse management in addition to numerous CRM activities. Incredibly transparent. Incredibly efficient.
Outgoing goods & delivery notes

With us, you’ll get the hang of it. And your products from the warehouse.

No matter whether you sell your products via stationary trade or operate a web shop – as easy as you manage your goods receipts, it is also as easy with the goods issues. At the push of a button you can book out your goods from the corresponding warehouse based on your orders and, if required, generate a delivery note.

And because we always go the extra mile, you can of course also use the KundenMeister to automatically settle accounts with the KundenMeister or directly carry out an SAP booking export.

Delivery Note KundenMeister ERP
Easy storage planning

An inventory like in a picture book

In order to keep you informed about all flows of goods in your company, the KundenMeister keeps a separate journal that not only records all goods receipts and issues, but also informs you at any time about transfer or correction postings (for example, in the event of shrinkage).

And there is an inventory on top of it, so that you know your stock and your actual stock value inside and out. All right – not by heart, but at the push of a button.

Inventory Merchandise Management KundenMeister ERP


With KundenMeister a successful warehouse management and planning is achieved. Discover all key features and advantages.
More transparency for all flows of goods
Foresighted warehouse planning
Time saving through optimized processes in the warehouse
Lower overstock of individual goods
lower costs due to lower shortages