Merchandise Management Software

Optimal order management and professional warehousing with the KundenMeister ERP system

Efficient Processes with the KundenMeister ERP System

Whether purchasing, warehousing, sales or accounting, your ERP processes can be easily managed with our solution and be transparent for all employees. Thanks to the intelligent linking of the functions of our merchandise management system with each other, administrative activities are automated and can be processed much more efficiently.

Regardless of whether you are an online shop owner, large corporation or small business, we adapt the merchandise management system to your day-to-day business in order to meet the requirements of your industry.

Powerful Merchandise Management Software

So that you always have an overview of your suppliers, products and flows of goods, we have developed an intelligent tool for professional merchandise management. The functions of the enterprise resource planning software range from the simple contact management of your suppliers, through the automated control and organization of your stock and the quick generation of orders and invoices.

Web-Based Merchandise Management for Flexible Product and Warehouse Management

Access to our enterprise resource planning software is time-independent and can be performed from any device. For example, sales representatives or employees in the home office can also note sales, place orders, or deposit new products. Internet access is enough and the KundenMeister can be called up via your browser. Web-based merchandise management has never been so easy!

KundenMeister ERP and CRM for your Shop

The KundenMeister clearly combines the advantages of an intelligent merchandise management with powerful functions from the CRM to make your shop more successful. All customer data is immediately transferred to the CRM after purchase in your webshop, while the merchandise management in the background already carries out the automatic accounting and directly updates the stock levels.

Pre-defined minimum stocks make it easy to avoid shortfalls, since orders and goods purchases are automated. If an invoice is created, you will see directly whether the desired quantities are still sufficiently available or should you correct the stock up or maybe should a product be sent back and thus issued a credit note for the customer. The KundenMeister journal provides you with a detailed overview of acquisitions, sales and corrective postings in case of shrinkage or other stock changes in the merchandise management system. Flexible, user-friendly and fast – with our merchandise management system and CRM software nothing stands in the way of the successful operation of your shop!

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Extensive goods management

The merchandise management module is the ideal complement to the KundenMeister product management. You can organize your entire stock including product availability within one database. By means of stored minimum stocks you always know when you have to place new orders, so that your products are always available for new orders. In addition, through the link to the product and invoice module, your stock levels are automatically adjusted after a product is sold or credited.

Automatically generated order suggestions as well as clear lists of purchases, sales and correction entries are important functions that help you to make your entire warehousing process more efficient.

This saves you a lot of time to type in relevant data yourself and can significantly accelerate your logistics processes with the merchandise management system from KundenMeister.