Stocktaking/adjustment postings

Check all incoming and outgoing goods with the KundenMeister ERP journal.

All Warehouse Processes in View

The inventory journal provides a clear listing of your purchases, sales and adjustment postings by date. You can control exactly which products, quantities and warehouses were affected by the transaction.

In addition, the storage software also allows the direct execution of an adjustment booking. This can be created as an exit, for example, in the case of a loss, or as an entry (incorrect entry during a purchase). The physical inventory function of the merchandise management system finally forms one or more adjustment postings on a specific key date. Here, too, the combination of the individual features of the warehouse management makes itself noticeable, as it comes to an automatic entry in the journal when changing the inventory.

In our manual you will find more details about the journal, the inventory and how to make a correction posting.