Warehouse management

The KundenMeister storage software helps you with the professional organization of your stocks and is an ideal support when it comes to the optimization of your merchandise management processes.

Easy Management of all Warehouse Locations

Whether small and medium-sized enterprises or large corporations – the KundenMeister CRM software enables companies of all sizes and industries to manage various warehouse locations. The creation of warehouses happens in the merchandise management system via the deposit with individual contacts. At the same time, contacts and address data of the respective warehouse can be seen. In addition, the definition of main and sub-warehouses is also possible, so that it is clear at a glance how the individual warehouses are related to each other.

The special feature of the KundenMeister warehouse management compared to ordinary merchandise management programs is the link with other modules of the CRM software. This means: You create your warehouses, deposit your products and define the quantities of products available for each individual warehouse. When creating invoices or coupons, you can also define the desired product and the respective warehouse from which the quantity should be taken out or added again at the touch of a button. The data is updated automatically and you do not have to enter it yourself.

Functional Scope of Merchandise Management

  • Simple creation of your warehouse locations
  • Clear presentation of your available products in each individual warehouse
  • Storage of minimum stock levels for each warehouse
  • Purchase at the push of a button and automatic inventory increase
  • Simple invoicing when your goods are sold and automatic inventory reduction
  • Information within the invoices regarding minimum stock levels or unavailable quantities
  • Clear listing of purchases and sales in the journal
  • Simple execution of correction entries in case of shrinkage or incorrect entries
  • Automatically generated order proposals
  • Illustration of one or more correction entries on a certain date via the inventory