Kanban & Scrum come upon KundenMeister

Dashboard Boards Header

The idea behind our project and task tool has always been to create a tool that allows teams to collaborate better and get more done while keeping an eye on their progress and deadlines. The new Board module takes this idea to the next level by combining the visual ability of Kanban to plan and display projects in columns and maps with the agile Scrum methods of dividing projects into stages and completing them piece by piece.

Visual task scheduling

When tasks take on form

As versatile as your tasks may be, you are also able to bring order to any project, no matter how complex, by breaking it down into clear units together with the KundenMeister Kanban-Boards.

No matter if customer requests, product schedules or organization of targets – you determine the individual phases of activities yourself and adapt your processes exactly to the way your team works. Because this way you are optimally equipped for requirements of any kind.

Track process

From “To-Do” to “Done” in a few clicks

Organizing has never been easier. Create separate boards for different tasks, projects or schedules, create a column for each stage and move your tasks with a click as you move from one stage to the next.

This not only makes it incredibly efficient to plan your projects, but also allows you to track the progress of your entire team in real time.

Our board module offers an even better overview of open tasks, responsible persons and due dates. And all this, your entire team can see at a glance within one interface. Our board module is your task manager. Only with even more perspective.

Assign & prioritize

When even the smallest detail is not lost

No information remains hidden from us – with our boards you can see at a glance which task has been assigned to whom, simply drag and drop your tasks to the right place with a mouse click and thus prioritize your tasks within a phase or ensure with notes that your team is aware of everything necessary.

And if it’s really down to the smallest detail, one click is enough to go to the detailed view of your task and view all important information, attachments and due dates.

Work online

An unbeatable team – anytime and anywhere

Are your team members on a business trip, working at a different location or in a different time zone than you? Of course we have thought of that as well. Therefore, with our cloud software you are well equipped and can manage your Kanban boards online and complete your tasks in a team independent of location and time.

Because at KundenMeister you will not only experience what comprehensive cooperation means, but can also achieve outstanding performance together.


With KundenMeister you can successfully visualize and plan your tasks and projects. Discover all key features and advantages.
Better teamwork
Increased productivity
Faster processing of projects and plans
Easy tracking of tasks and progress
more efficient thanks to simple prioritization of activities