KundenMeister scheduling enables you to manage your private and business appointments within a clear calendar overview.

Scheduler Software – All events in one place

The KundenMeister Scheduler Software includes a clearly arranged calendar, with which you can manage all your appointments and events centrally in a database. The intuitive functionalities of the online appointment planning support you in the successful organization and coordination of inquiries, meetings and conferences. Thanks to the cloud-based scheduling software, even field staff can enter their appointments via smartphone or tablet at any time.

Synchronise your calendar with your smartphone or tablet

The KundenMeister Scheduler Tool supports Caldav, which means that your appointments are automatically synchronized on personal devices. This means that you can also successfully manage your visit planning as a sales representative. Scheduling synchronization is available for the following devices:

  • Apple iPad
  • Apple iCal
  • Apple iPhone
  • Mozilla Sunbird
  • Smartphones with Android operating system

This synchronization happens in real time, which means that when you enter new appointments in the KundenMeister calendar you will find the appointments immediately on your personal device. We can also synchronize various calendars, such as an Outlook calendar, with your personal devices.

Appointment utilization thanks to effective appointment management

With the clearly arranged appointment planner in the KudenMeister you always have an overview of events and free capacities. The effective appointment management helps you to reconcile private and business appointments and also facilitates internal company collaboration with your colleagues and employees. You can create various calendar categories and appointment types in KundenMeister’s digital appointment planning at the touch of a button. Thanks to different color schemes, these can be distinguished at a glance in the overview of your appointment management. Depending on the authorization, your appointments are also visible to other employees – you can individually differentiate between read and write authorization. And vice versa, you also have access to the appointment management of other users as soon as they share their calendar with you.

In addition, the KundenMeister Scheduler Software has an efficient participant management including a reminder function. Your customers will automatically receive a reminder by e-mail before the agreed date. Idle time and forgotten appointments are history – the KundenMeister guarantees full utilization of appointments.

Read in our manual how to set up the CalDAV integration.