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Our document management system, or DMS for short, is a good place for important files. It is secure, easy to organize and puts an end to the paperwork. And believe us, paperless is good, because it also means faster retrieval, more structured filing, release at the touch of a button and retrieval on the move.

Organize documents

They are just files, but they have format

We guarantee you: with KundenMeister there are no restrictions. Neither regarding the file format, nor the number of possible uploads. With our document management system you can work fast and secure without any restrictions.

Create your very own personal folder system including colouring for faster retrieval, store your documents in seconds via drag & drop function and access them when you need them urgently, even when you are on the road.

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Submitting files

Never before have you enjoyed sharing more

Who doesn’t know? You just finish the last sentence of the so finely elaborated e-mail text, want to add the attachment and bam you get the message “File attachment too big”. This can make someone really mad.

But with KundenMeister you save yourself the excitement, because you simply file your document and, thanks to the “Share File” function, you receive a download link to send along in a flash.

Document sharing KundenMeister DMS

Bring order to the (paper) chaos! Our document management system promises you: never again tedious searching with “Where did I put this down?”. Because in the KundenMeister you have all important documents in one place. To save time and nerves.

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Storing documents

A document management for all cases

Even the best folder system reaches its limits at some point. After all, we don’t want to record every customer, every project or every offer as a separate folder just to be able to store documents in a structured way.

This is exactly why our DMS works together with our other modules, so that you always have your documents in the right place – directly with your contacts, tasks, sales opportunities and much more.

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Archive & store securely

Safe and secure

Security comes first, especially when it comes to important business documents. That’s why we have taken great care in developing our digital document management system.

Revision-proof archiving of your documents is our main focus. This means that your files are secure, can always be found using the search function and are always traceable thanks to the assignment to users.

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With KundenMeister you can successfully store and archive important documents. Discover all key features and advantages.
Structured storage of all information
Document sharing
Reduced maintenance and search effort
Correct filing of documents
3 sec.
are enough to search and call up necessary files