Creating Courses/Seminars

The course module of KundenMeister allows you to easily create courses or seminars as well as the optimal management of your participants.

Easily Create Your Course

First of all, a seminar can be easily created via the KundenMeister calendar and saved in the
KundenMeister. At the same time, not only the title of the course can be specified, but also when and where it takes place. In addition to general descriptions of the training courses, interested parties can also immediately see the costs, lessons, and the duration of the courses, if you also enter this information in the KundenMeister.

In addition, you have the opportunity to add participants to the course immediately, which will then be informed about the seminar directly by e-mail. This mail also contains a link that interested parties can register for or sign off from their course with a mouse click. The status of the participant will be clearly displayed in the KundenMeister so that you can clearly see who or how many people are participating in your seminar.

In our manual the preparation of a seminar/course is clarified step by step.