Project controlling software

With the KundenMeister project controlling the monitoring of project times and costs is possible and easy.

Manage Projects Efficiently

The handling of your projects can be handled in the simplest way and you are able to carry out several projects at the same time, without much effort.

In addition to the simple invoicing for customers and individual projects, the handling of your own costs with the KundenMeister is easy and quick. You always have an overview of costs incurred, as well as project tasks. This supports you in the planning of your project budget as well as in the evaluation of the project process.

Whether personnel costs, material costs or other expenses for projects, you can optimally manage and control them. You always know which personnel are responsible for the individual project activities and how much time they have already invested in certain tasks. The assignment of tasks and contacts to the respective projects can also be carried out. In addition, you always know the current status and progress of your projects due to the division of them into individual project phases and the communication of the project members by means of KundenMeister via comments or the exchange of important documents. The graphic representation of the temporal sequence of project tasks can also be easily carried out.