Project Time Tracking

Simple project success control and monitoring of working hours with the KundenMeister project time tracking.

Record Working Times at the Touch of a Button

Detailed project time tracking allows companies to efficiently control the progress of projects. With the help of the KundenMeister, our web-based project management software, such as time recording can be carried out quickly and easily and projects can thus be sustainably optimized. With just a few clicks, employees can post times on projects and complete the respective project tasks accordingly. In this way, you can not only ensure that all necessary activities have been carried out, but also whether they are within the time frame.

Web-Based Project Time Tracking

In addition to controlling project time, companies also benefit from the fact that the whole project management software works online. Employees always can record their working hours for the project. Whether with a laptop, smartphone or tablet, internet access is sufficient and all project information, as well as project times are available and can be edited with one click.

In addition, the project times can be evaluated using the project management tool. For this purpose, the software generates its own reports that list all the times that have been posted to the project individually. Diagrams also list these times by employee and by individual activity. This will allow you to see which tasks have taken up most of your time and thus optimize your entire project organization.

Accurate Project Time Tracking Thanks to Defined Task Structure

With the KundenMeister project time tracking, you can define activities for your projects and determine for which of these activities time tracking can be created. By linking to the task module, the KundenMeister project time tracking ensures maximum accuracy, since activities, tasks and sub-tasks can be recorded in a structured manner and working hours can be recorded.