Support Software

Excellent customer service with the KundenMeister support software.

Increase the Satisfaction of Your Customers with Our Support Software

The KundenMeister support software supports the effective collaboration of departments and ensures faster processing of customer inquiries. Our support and CRM software not only promotes internal communication for long-term and lasting relationships, but also gives you numerous intelligent features which help you record requests and complaints in a central database for all responsible employees and to process them more efficiently.

Ticket System for Your CRM

The ticket system feature of our support CRM software solves customer issues from one central location. No matter which channel you use to reach inquiries and complaints, thanks to priority, deadline and status, you can efficiently work together with the team within the support software. The direct assignment to responsible persons and the deposit of important documents or comments saves time for search and administrative activities. So you offer outstanding support without duplication of effort.

KundenMeister Software Support Portal

The KundenMeister software support portal not only supports you in the quick execution of service activities, but also acts as a central platform for further activities and measures. Thus, based on your tickets and thanks to the link to other modules, an extensive information base can be created. Whether specific data on a specific customer or general coverage of employee know-how and future support cases, the KundenMeister support portal provides all the relevant customer information, service times and billable services at the touch of a button.