Ticket System

The KundenMeister CRM ticket system supports you in the optimal handling of your customer support – from the inquiry to the final service solution.

Better Service Quality Thanks to Intelligent Ticket Management

The KundenMeister ticket system software is the ideal solution for your customer service and helps you to efficiently handle problems and queries of your customers, partners or suppliers. All ticket management, from request capture, through internal processing and task assignment, to ongoing monitoring and deployment of a solution, is managed within a centralized database. At the push of a button, tickets can be prioritized and distributed to responsible employees. KundenMeister ticket management ensures that every support request is answered within a reasonable time. This not only minimizes the waiting times of your customers, but also reduces your total support costs to the essentials.

The CRM Ticket System Puts Your Customer Relationships in Focus

Especially in times of intense competition, the timely processing of inquiries and the resolution of customer problems for customer satisfaction play an increasingly important role. Through the KundenMeister self-service portal, your customers can create tickets themselves, and can always keep track of their status and invested working hours. In addition, you can use automated notifications to continuously inform your contact groups about ticket progress and solution finding. This can greatly improve communication with your customers and reduce the number of support calls. As a result, service and support staff is relieved of their burden so they can focus on what matters most: their customers. Fast reactions and the optimization of the information flow increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and make your customer service more successful than ever.

Faster and Easier – KundenMeister Ticket Software

Whether sales inquiry, customer support or complaint, with the KundenMeister CRM ticket system you ensure a service-oriented and purposeful task execution and save thereby time and money. Priorities, deadlines and progress are visible to all employees. A structured ticket listing ensures that even with a large amount of support requests, no ticket is ever lost or forgotten.

With the KundenMeister ticket system, internal cooperation is also child’s play – at the push of a button, tickets are converted into tasks or sub-requests and distributed to employees for faster and more efficient ticket processing. These record exactly their working hours, so that processing and resource expenditure for each ticket is easy to understand. Ultimately, an accurate picture of the customer and their requirements is created – service employees develop a better understanding of the customer, know exactly how to communicate with them, and thus build long-term customer relationships.

Fast Ticket Processing Thanks to Extensive Knowledge Base 

Through the concrete documentation of all tickets and solutions you continuously expand your CRM knowledge base, which you can also use for future inquiries to your advantage. Use the KundenMeister knowledge base to capture solution concepts and share them with your entire team. This not only makes it easier for colleagues to accept inquiries, it also makes them much more productive. With the ticket system, similar and recurring problems will be solved faster in the future, because initial suggestions can be made to the customer on first contact. Higher solution rate, increased customer satisfaction and better image – your customers will be impressed by the professionalism of your company!

Advantages of the Ticket System Software:

  • Higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • Reduction of time and resources
  • Efficient customer service and increased productivity
  • Construction of an extensive knowledge database
  • Structured acquisition and documentation of tickets
  • Timely reaction and solution finding
  • Optimization of information flow and improved teamwork
  • 24/7 support thanks to self-service portal for customers