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Survey Module KundenMeister CRM

Customers demand a lot from companies. But everyone has different requirements and wishes. With the KundenMeister, you have a tool with which you can easily collect opinions, feedback and needs of your target groups, and thus make customer care even more exclusive. Our survey tool was not only made for professional work. It redefines it.

Create a survey

With us you get guaranteed answers to your questions

Whether customer or employee surveys, whether mono- or multilingual and whether satisfaction or opinion research, our survey tool is well equipped for all eventualities.

With a simple editor you can create your survey in seconds, choose from numerous different question types and define the validity period and target group for your questionnaires. And of course there is an excellent overview of open surveys, so you won’t lose sight of any of them.

Survey Questions KundenMeister Survey Software
Repeat surveys

We better ask again

Prove your foresight and not only take into account the answers of your customers today, but also ask questions again and again with our survey series.

At the push of a button, you can identify changes in opinion or satisfaction over a certain period of time, take appropriate measures and easily determine whether your activities are heading in the right direction.

Survey Series KundenMeister Survey Software
A survey software means more than just faster processing of online surveys. With KundenMeister you can master any type of question, detect changes over time and track your customers’ responses in real time. It’s a great system for not missing any important insights.
Various question types

For any kind of survey. Simply versatile.

With our software you can not only include open questions in your questionnaire, several selection options, rows, true/false lists, scales or even a document upload should ensure that you get really meaningful answers.

It is even possible to link it to an event organized by KundenMeister. We do not only want to convince you of us. We want you to give your customer orientation a whole new meaning with KundenMeister.

Create Survey KundenMeister Survey Software
Survey analysis

Start, sort and analyze data

In just a few steps, you can convert your customers’ feedback into usable data with KundenMeister. Send your survey via a web link, collect data while you are always keeping an eye on the progress of your survey and view the answers while it is still running.

In no time at all, you can then analyze your results, export them and make informed decisions based on them. Oh, if only everything were that simple.

Survey Results KundenMeister Survey Software


With KundenMeister a successful execution of customer and employee surveys is possible. Discover all key features and advantages.
Cheap market research option
Query opinions quickly and at the touch of a button
Immediately available data
Worldwide use for international customers
higher probability to increase the satisfaction of your target groups