Task overview

Keep an eye on important tasks and arrange your activities according to priority.

Tasks Dashboard

The Tasks Dashboard lists your tasks clearly and gives you a clear overview of the working hours you have invested so far, the progress of the task and the final deadline. With the KundenMeister you will succeed in planning and organizing your daily business in the best possible way.

Task categories

  • Today
    Things that are at the top of your to-do list. Due tasks decide here completely automatically.
  • Next
    Work that you start as soon as the “today” tasks are done.
  • Planned
    If you want to start a work only at a certain time, enter it under “Planned”.
  • Sometime
    “Sometime” is the category for work you want to do when you have a lot of time.

On the due date, your task is automatically moved to the “Today” category, reminding you to complete this task on time.

Task overview

In the task overview the tasks of the employees are displayed. Filters can be used to select to which employees the tasks are assigned and the status of a task. In addition, a search field can be used to search in the task text. Each task can be processed with one click.

More information about the task overview can be found here in our manual

Task detail view

In the detail view of a task the description of the task is presented. Every employee has the possibility to add further notes and also documents to this task here.

Which information you can read out via the task detail view is shown in our manual

Task Tutorial

Watch our demo video to learn how to use the task module optimally for creating and managing your activities!