Knowledge Management

Better customer service thanks to optimal information management

Professional Knowledge Management

The KundenMeister Wiki module is a modern and sophisticated knowledge and collaboration tool. The extensive feature set, intuitive user interface, powerful rich text editor, and constant evolution make the solution performable, easy to use, versatile, and a foundation for true digital collaboration across the enterprise.

User-Friendly Knowledge Base for Your Company

The KundenMeister Wiki module contains central functions for the administration of articles, collections and contacts, and everything related to perfect knowledge management. The contents of the pages can be easily changed, new pages can be created and links between pages can be set. The version history, which holds all versions of a text available, is also available.

The ease-of-use of the solution increases the willingness of employees to use the wiki for their daily work and reduces hurdles in transferring knowledge, both when entering a company, and when learning new areas of responsibility.

Cross-Location Knowledge Transfer

With the KundenMeister Wiki software, you are able to use knowledge in a targeted manner in the company and to make it transparent and easily accessible for your employees across departments and companies. In addition to the enormous savings potential in the search for important documents, information and data, you and your employees benefit from significantly shorter communication channels.

With assignments and authorizations, you can also easily ensure that all necessary employees, departments, etc. have access to relevant resources for solving customer problems and inquiries.

A Knowledge Database for More Formats

With just a few clicks, the KundenMeister knowledge base is ready for providing information such as guides, checklists, instructions and much more. You can customize this information – depending on your needs and target group. From simple text articles, pictures, tables and icons, to videos and maps, your corporate knowledge can easily be prepared for employees, customers or partners.

In addition to the simplified search via keywords and categories, important documents can also be downloaded directly as a PDF for printing or e-mail delivery.

Key Benefits of KundenMeister Wiki Software

1. Sustainable performance improvement

Since the KundenMeister Wiki enables you to capture valuable knowledge at the touch of a button and make it accessible to employees in a central location, you are able to sustainably increase performance and service quality.

2. Efficient knowledge transfer

A knowledge base like the KundenMeister supports the efficient exchange of knowledge among employees and offers the opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues or to keep important knowledge in the company, even if employees leave the organization, for example because of the pension.

3. Location- and time-independent access

Thanks to the web-based interface of the KundenMeister Wiki, employees in home office can access the knowledge base at any time and advance their work with the help of stored reports, documentation, etc.