Applicant Management

From job advertisement to applicant selection – our application management software for efficient recruiting!

Innovative Recruiting with the KundenMeister Applicant Management

Manage your entire recruiting process with the KundenMeister applicant management. From creating your job listings to choosing a candidate, you will complete all the steps in one central location. Make joint decisions in a team and find the right candidate for every job!

Higher Applicant Numbers with the KundenMeister Applicant Management

Whether you are a personnel service provider, an SME or a major corporation, the KundenMeister applicant management software adapts to your recruitment process and supports you in finding the right candidates at the push of a button.

Direkt in der Bewerberverwaltung erstellen Sie Ihre Jobanzeigen – dank Integration in Ihre Directly in applicant management, you create your job ads – thanks to integration into your website, the job appears with just one click on your career portal, giving candidates the opportunity to apply directly online. The applicants data is automatically transferred to the database of our software for professional applicant management and CVs are read out fully automatically. This not only makes your daily business easier, but also makes the application process of the candidates as easy and uncomplicated as possible!

Extensive Talent Pool and Effective Candidate Communication

Through your own access to your job portal, candidates maintain their profiles themselves and can directly note new knowledge and experience. The KundenMeister applicant administration automatically saves all relevant data of your candidates in a central database and lets you recognize top candidates at a glance. Using the extensive search function of our applicant management software, you will find the right candidates with the necessary qualifications and experience at the push of a button in your applicant database and can directly invite them to an interview.

The current status of your jobs and applicants is always visible and facilitates collaboration in the team. Comments and documents allow you and your colleagues to exchange ideas and make decisions together. Thanks to e-mail templates and professional e-mail marketing, you can share your decision at the touch of a button or keep them up to date on other promising job opportunities.

Applicant Management Software Overview

In addition to job and applicant management, you can always keep an eye on the costs, effort and success of your applicant management with the help of precise evaluations and can thus plan and coordinate the tasks of your application process in detail. Additional CRM functions of our software ensure successful employee management even after the application process.