Applicants Communication

With the KundenMeister e-Recruiting Software you can reach potential candidates on all relevant channels and benefit from permanently up-to-date applicant information!

Automated Applicants Communication

Once a decision has been taken, the candidates must be informed as soon as possible. And so that you can also communicate your decision directly, the KundenMeister enables the generation of various mail templates. With one click you send automated messages to your applicants and inform them about a rejection, evidence or invitation in the next round.

Special placeholders ensure the personal touch of your e-mails. In this way, direct speeches on the name are generated based on the stored data in the HR software.

E-Mail Newsletter

Inform jobseekers regularly about new job opportunities that best fit their profile. This not only
simplifies the search for suitable candidates, it also keeps you in touch with promising candidates and enables you to position yourself as an important mediation partner.

Use the intelligent distribution lists of the KundenMeister! You can use this to classify your candidates according to their qualifications and interests and to send suitable job offers at the touch of a button.

SMS Reminder

Applicants will be reminded of the interview with the KundenMeister before a job interview. Simply send an SMS newsletter. Not only are SMS messages read directly after receipt, your applicants already notice the professionalism of your company. In addition, appointments and tasks can be classified much more efficiently – because: applicants say at least, if you receive a reminder SMS before the interview!