Job Management

Whether recruiter or company, create appealing job advertisements in just a few minutes and manage your entire job platform within one database!

Efficient Management of Your Jobs

With the KundenMeister, internal and external jobs can be managed. The application module enables efficient and structured work and ensures clear documentation.


  • Efficient and comprehensible work
  • Overview of sales and costs
  • Structured task distribution
  • Schedules for your listings

Generate Job Advertisements

With the KundenMeister you can create new job postings in just a few minutes. Current job offers are automatically synchronized and immediately presented on your website.

The KundenMeister is multilingual. Thus, you are able to create your job alerts in other languages.

Individual Application Form

With the integrated application form, candidates have the opportunity to apply directly to your website for an advertised job. Via the interface to the KundenMeister, the submitted data is immediately transferred to the system and a new contact is thus created in your applicant database.

Form as well as job advertisements can be individually designed and adapted according to your corporate design. By choosing your own form fields, you can ensure a clear information collection and thus register only those CV data that are really relevant for your application process.

Sharing Job Listings on Job Platforms

More and more people use job sites like, Stepstone or Monster to search for a job. That is why you should not give up publishing your job advertisements on these platforms. No problem for the KundenMeister – you can use our HR software to publish your job offers at the touch of a button.

In addition, the KundenMeister course also allows social sharing options. Thus, you can define for each job extra, whether they are shared on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Of course, an applicant can register for several jobs on your website. Using so-called duplicate recognition, the candidate software immediately identifies one and the same candidate and creates it only once in the database.