Medical samples

Medical sample submissions
easily regulated

We think that advanced technology should also be able to cover industry-specific activities easily. Therefore, with our medical samples module, we would like to offer the pharmaceutical sector a solution that simply and in a digital way depicts the laws and regulations on medical sample submission, providing the necessary transparency with comprehensive documentation.

Smart Pharma Software

It’s a hassle, but more efficient

Everything that requires precise documentation, of course, represents administrative effort. But with our pharmaceutical software for medical samples, this can be reduced to a minimum.

With just a few clicks, your pharma employees record the dispatch of sample deliveries or document the personal delivery directly on site to doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. And, of course, our module offers both an export of all medical sample submissions and smart approval processes.


With KundenMeister, a successful and legally compliant documentation of all medical sample submissions is achieved. Discover all key features and advantages.
Simple documentation of medical sample submissions
Increase your transparency
Digitalization of your pharmaceutical processes
Better support for doctors, pharmacies and hospitals
less administrative effort