Our company

There is more behind KundenMeister than just software.

Behind it are employees who put their years of experience, technical know-how and tireless innovative spirit into the further development and improvement of our software to create a true work of art and make your business more successful every day.

Our Mission

We see KundenMeister as a comprehensive all-in-one business software that makes it possible for any company – regardless of size and industry – to connect all departments and do outstanding work for best customer relations and forward-looking ideas.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a tool that helps them achieve their own ambitions, break new ground and express their entrepreneurial spirit with boundless creativity. A tool that supports their growth at all levels and flexibly adapts to their processes, not the other way around.

Our Values

Be masterful…


We cultivate an environment in which everyone feels comfortable. Respectful interaction with customers, partners and colleagues form the basis for this, because we value people of all origins and stand together for an equal world. In addition, we would like to support a more thoughtful approach to nature with some conscious measures, such as electric mobility, bee colonies and vineyards on our own company premises.


Our growth is based on shared goals, a sense of achievement and, of course, learning from failure. We achieve our goal of creating exceptional customer experiences with an innovative product because we place the greatest value on each employee being able to contribute their most diverse experiences and perspectives to our company and are never afraid to develop and improve.


KundenMeister is a place of great innovation. That’s why we support our employees in realizing their own ideas, breaking new ground and making decisions independently, while the entire team is right behind us. We foster a culture where everyone is allowed to voice their opinion, not afraid to stand up for it, and our employees inspire each other and strive for success together.

And above all…

have fun in everything you do!

No matter what challenge we face, we always keep our sense of humor. And that’s exactly why KundenMeister is a place where fun is never neglected and brings some lightness into our everyday work. Because: Shared joy is double joy – because we are proud of what we create as a team and celebrate our successes together.


Let’s grow together!

We are always looking for talented and innovative people who strive to develop a great product and make our customers happy. Discover our diverse career opportunities and join a team where everyone can express themselves.

With personal initiative in the KundenMeister team

We love people who have the courage and perseverance to stand up for their interests and passion. If you have not found a suitable position with us, we look forward to finding out more about you in your unsolicited application.