Because we know what makes a good online shop

Its versatile functions make the KundenMeister perfect for use in e-commerce. And with flexible options in terms of product types, pricing and payment options, you can offer your customers a unique shopping experience in your online shop. In addition, it looks pretty good – we’ll make sure of that, we promise!

Product management software

Our shop system gives you some incredibly useful options. Manage an unlimited number of products. Divide your range into categories that make sense for customers. Or increase your sales figures by using our great cross-selling functions.

  1. All products at a glance
    With numerous product data and the ability to create your own attributes, our e-commerce software is perfect for feeding your shop with appealing descriptions, images, etc. and categorizing it intelligently – whether by brand, price or retailer.

  2. Make product recommendations
    The promotion of accessories, spare parts, similar products or combination offers make it easy for you to increase your sales and at the same time to convince your customers of an optimal service.

One-size does not fit everyone

Forget one size fits all. Your online business is diverse and so are your products. And that’s why the following applies not only to clothing stores but also to all other e-commerce stores: more is more. And with KundenMeister you offer more sizes, more colors, more performance.

Software for online shop orders

Refreshing design meets function. Every aspect of our shop system is designed for expert-based online trading. The layout – carefully tailored to your corporate concept. The pricing – flexibly definable and the orders – efficient and done with one click. Selling online is fun.

  1. Intuitive shop design
    A web shop is particularly successful when customers can quickly and intuitively find exactly those products and information that best meet their requirements. This is precisely why we pay attention to the attractive appearance, user-friendliness and powerful search and sorting options.

  2. Ideal order overview
    A successful e-commerce business needs a strong system with which orders can be processed efficiently. With a structured overview and detailed evaluations, the KundenMeister supports easy coordination of online sales in real time.

Your online shop works the way you need it to

The KundenMeister was developed for companies whose sales processes cannot be handled with simple standard software. Complex approval processes, dealer structures or individual pricing using instead of prices, graduated discounts or according to customer groups are very easy to handle with the KundenMeister. A central shop system. Infinite possibilities.

Online payment software

Manual work cannot be avoided even with the best software. But we can reduce it to such an extent that two clicks are enough to manage both your invoicing and the dispatch of your products without effort. We give the word automation a whole new meaning.

  1. Billing with a click
    You generate your invoices and delivery notes directly from the order. Own templates ensure documents that correspond to your corporate design, contain all the necessary information and are personalized. And all with just one click.

  2. Informed at all times
    Not just you, but your customers too. A customer account ensures that personal data is always up-to-date available in your software, while you inform your customers about the status of your order at the push of a button and send order confirmations automatically.

All common payment methods. And a few more.

Regardless of which payment methods you want to make available to your customers in your online shop, with us you are guaranteed not to run out of options. More classic with credit card, instant transfer and other? Or would you prefer a budget and bonus point system?

Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Hans-Peter Wolf
Head of sales & Authorised Signatory

Our contact person for CRM in the E-Commerce is available to you at any time by phone or email. We would gladly make an appointment for an exclusive consultation or training session.

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