Contact Form

Contact details and interests are available to you at the touch of a button and can be used for numerous customer relationship measures.

Web form

KundenMeister enables you to set up your own web form and integrate it at your website. Via form editor you can decide on your own how many fields and checkboxes your contact- or newsletter-registration form should include.

By using customised fields you are able to define which details (e.g. title, place of residence, last name etc.) should be displayed. If you establish such web form a HTML code is generated automatically, which can be integrated at your website via copy-function.

Contacts that are registered via web form are transferred to KundenMeister. The classification of your contacts to contact groups (e.g. suppliers, customers) or mailing lists (e.g. Newsletters for customers of red or white wine) can be carried out by you or your clients.


Erstellen von Newsletter- und Kontaktformularen im KundenMeister