Booking module

The KundenMeister booking module enables your guests to inform themselves 24/7 about available rooms in our hotel.

The booking module of KundenMeister helps you to keep track of your bookings. Availabilities can be identified at a glance. Your customers are able to book a room online - the invoicing and organisation will be automatically handled by KundenMeister.


No commission fees due to the online booking function on your website


Automatic invoicing and appealing room presentation


We ensure a secure and flexible payment processing by card complete

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Additional packages

Besides the simple room management, we also take over the module integration into your website as well as the design for mobile devices.

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The costs for the booking module are transparent and depend on your company's size and the number of handled bookings.

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The booking module provides benefits for both your guests and for you as lessor: Guests are looking for available rooms, send their inquiries and book the rooms online. For you as lessor, the booking system is a cost-efficient tool for your tourist accomodation. You can find detailed information on this in the submenu 'Benefits and features' or in our tutorial videos.