Marketing and Sales

Our comprehensive marketing software KundenMeister ensures that you can fully exploit your opportunities in the area of digital marketing.

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Within one software you plan your entire marketing activities and create successful e-marketing campaigns. Whether by e-mail or SMS - KundenMeister supports your customer retention process and enables the increase of customer satisfaction as well as the successful acquisition of new clients.

Reach your target group

All information about your target groups is stored in one database and can be easily and quickly used for internet marketing purposes. By using our marketing CRM software you are able to create personalised contents and to succesfully realise an attracting customer communication.

Newsletter und SMS Marketing mit der Marketing Software KundenMeister

Keep track of your business

You decide on your own which contact data should be bundled in the marketing software by gathering these information automatically via a self-registration function at your advertising campaigns. Hence, KundenMeister ensures that only those customers receive your digital activities, who are really interested in respective topics.


Measure your success automatically 

Detailed reports and various analytical methods of the KundenMeister software enable a precise and target-oriented performance review. Get to know our software for digital marketing!

Newsletter Auswertungen in der CRM Marketing Software KundenMeister


Erfassen Sie alle wichtigen Daten Ihrer Kontakte in einer Datenbank und nutzen Sie diese optimal für Ihre CRM Aktivitäten.

Business SMS

Kommunizieren Sie mit Ihren Kunden von überall. Dank Timing-Funktion erreichen Sie Ihre Zielgruppen zum idealen Zeitpunkt.

E-Mail Newsletter

Versenden Sie personalisierte Newsletter und erreichen Sie Ihre Zielgruppen mit individuellen Neuigkeiten und Angeboten.