Inform guests about news and events from the region

Delight Your Guests with an Individual Tourist Offer

As a tourist region, you live by communicating with customers and guests. Thus, the KundenMeister is used to manage all the data of tourists, tourism businesses and clubs in the region. The sending of personalized newsletters is also carried out with the software solution and keeps interested parties up to date on events.

Salzburger Land

From alpine holidays, sports and leisure activities, to meeting and congress locations, Salzburger Land offers countless opportunities and attractions. Both the internal administration by means of calendar and task management, as well as the e-mail marketing are handled by the tourism region via the KundenMeister.

Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof

Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof

The Naturparkzentrum Grottenhof uses the KundenMeister as a central contact database and sends out newsletters and SMS messages to keep up to date with current events and seminars.

Tourismusverband Klöch

Tourism Klöch

The tourism association Klöch in Eastern Styria uses the KundenMeister as a central guest administration and customer database. In addition, personalized e-mail newsletters will be sent out with the KundenMeister.

Tourismusregion Sulmtal-Sausal

Tourism region Sulmtal-Sausal

The tourism region Sulmtal-Sausal uses the KundenMeister as a central database for tourists, tourism businesses and associations. The integrated e-mail marketing function sends personalized e-mail newsletters to the addressees.

Südsteirische Weinstraße

Südsteirische Weinstraße

The tourism region Südsteirische Weinstraße uses the KundenMeister to manage various contact groups, which are used for the personalized sending of newsletters. Furthermore, the KundenMeister is used for the management of events in the region.

Tourismusverband Gamlitz

Tourism Gamlitz

The tourism Gamlitz uses the KundenMeister in the area of contact data management in order to be able to optimally organize tourists and tourism businesses. Furthermore, the e-mail marketing function sends personalized newsletters to selected addressees, providing regular information on events and news.