H.Traussnigg GmbH

Clear construction site project plan with the KundenMeister


  • Recording working hours and retrieving site plans
  • Improved controlling through time recording and target/actual hour comparisons


  • Implementation of a CRM software (KundenMeister®)
  • Presentation of a resource overview including rough planning


  • Creating a clear overview of staff time on construction sites
  • Creation of a current construction site project plan

The H. Traussnigg GmbH was faced with the challenge of reducing the administrative burden of the company and to avoid the handwritten directing of director's work reports and construction site diaries. Coping with this task was achieved by the CRM KundenMeister software invented by Koerbler

The H. Traussnigg GmbH, based in Köflach, is a service company for the planning, construction, maintenance, as well as the operation of building services in the field of heating, refrigeration/air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing.

Baustellen-Projektplan für H. Traussnigg

Savings of Administrative Effort by Koerbler

With the help of the KundenMeister®, the software solution from Koerbler, it is now possible for H. Traussnigg GmbH to digitally record the working hours of all employees and to create a digital construction site diary. Furthermore, the KundenMeister® includes a resource overview including rough planning.

H. Traussnigg GmbH not only uses the general modules of the KundenMeister®, such as contact management, task and project management, e-mail dispatch or sales management, but also other functions that have been specially programmed for this company.

Increase the Added Value Through a Holistic Software Solution

So far, director's work reports, construction site diaries, etc. were handwritten with great effort. Since access to the KundenMeister® takes place via the internet, employees of H. Traussnigg GmbH are now able to view their working hours and material consumption independently of location and in real time. The data for the project controlling, for the time recording and the schedules can therefore also be accessed directly on the construction site and on external appointments. The new software solution can thus ensure improved controlling as well as more efficient work.

The time recording includes not only the recording of driving time but also hour types (vacation, time compensation, sick leave) as well as overtime calculation, overnight stays and allowances. Also, the planning of the employees in the individual projects and the target/actual hour comparison is simplified by the software solution from Koerbler.

Another advantage for the company is the greater proportion of highly qualified employees who now work with computer equipment and have been specially trained for it. Thanks to the Koerbler KundenMeister®, H. Traussnigg GmbH has been able to expand its existing contacts in Germany, England and Slovenia.


Name: H. Traussnigg GmbH
Head office: Voitsberg, Austria
Branch of industry: Gas, water, heating installations
Products/services: Planning, construction, operation and maintenance of building services
Web address: www.traussnigg.at