Development of a platform for job and training offers

The challenge of BAB Unternehmensberatung GmbH was above all to provide concrete information on work and educational opportunities in order to give young people, parents and teachers a clear overview. The differentiation to other counseling centers was particularly difficult. Thanks to an offer map developed by Koerbler, this can now be guaranteed.


  • Information processing for young people, parents and teachers
  • Simple search for work and training centers


  • Presentation of the search results on an offer map
  • Enabling a concrete search through different categories


  • Provide an overview of all available job and training opportunities
  • Overview of all training results on a map

The Jugendwegweiser is a platform that presents the landscape of Styria to young people, parents and teachers clearly and transparently. Koerbler is responsible for the technical implementation and support of this platform.

KundenMeister Job Plattform für Jugendwegweiser

Help for Future Decisions Through a Website from Koerbler

Many young people often do not know what to do after completing their compulsory education. Help is provided by countless counseling centers, but it is often difficult for young adults to know which counseling they should use.

The offer map of Koerbler makes it much easier for young people to find a job on the job market or an educational institution. In addition to job offers, the platform also includes basic job application tips and information about job application training for young adults, and is thus indispensable for entry into professional life. 

Not only young people benefit from this website but also parents. These can inform themselves about service offerings on the job market and thus support their children in the decision about education and occupation. However, parents responsible for education can also use the Jugendwegweiser to get information about youth coaching, parents' evenings and parenting. Teachers and experts will also be provided with sufficient explanations on topics such as teaching, teacher education and projects.

Simplified Search for Desired Information Through the Platform of Koerbler

The special feature of this platform is that it enables you to search for concrete criteria, such as online offers/supporting offers, as well as the search for specific categories, subcategories and the district itself. Within the categories you can, for example, between information/advice, apply for job training, education, teaching and work. Furthermore, it is possible to enter a specific target group and the desired period as well as a specific provider.

The results of the offer search are then displayed directly on a map and listed and described with exact details below. These details contain information about the provider, the venue and the exact contact details of the responsible contact person.

Another advantage of the platform is that offers are constantly being updated, expanded and
supplemented. As the Jugendwegweiser works better, the more complete and up-to-date the data is collected.


Name: BAB Unternehmensberatung GmbH
Head office: Graz, Austria
Branch of industry: Business Consulting
Products/services: Advice for adolescents, parents and teachers on educational and labor market offers
Web address: www.jugendwegweiser.at