Menschen im Vertrieb

Integration of applicant administration and job portal


  • Administration of customer and applicant data
  • Provision of current job offers for sales talents


  • Implementation of a CRM software (KundenMeister®)
  • Creation of a website with integrated job portal


  • Clear applicant database and job management
  • Simplified identification of optimal candidates

In order to provide the best possible support to companies in choosing the right employees, one of the main requirements of the sales people was to be able to organize all applicant data within a central database. A solution for applicant management was created here by means of KundenMeister. Furthermore, in the future due to the development of a new website, including a job portal, always current sales jobs can be cited.

As the No. 1 Austrian sales consultant, 'Menschen in Vertrieb' offers extensive services in the areas of recruiting, consulting and training. By combining and optimizing these three components, the company can ensure a holistic approach and ideal solution concepts.

With sales training and sales consulting, the consultancy optimizes the sales department of a variety of companies and helps them find the right sales people. Sales talents, too, benefit from the specialist expertise and personal consulting expertise of sales people when it comes to job hunting and the application process.

KundenMeister Bewerbermanagement Software für Menschen im Vertrieb

Central Customer and Applicant Database Thanks to KundenMeister®

Rapid access to information and transparent application processes play a key role in filtering out ideal job candidates for the right company. By using the contact and application management module of KundenMeister®, the company is now able to centrally store contact data for e-mail and internet applications. Furthermore, the company defines its own fields for applicants, so that within the applicant management system it is always possible to search for suitable candidates in the database.

Optimal Coordination of Necessary Services

Since the KundenMeister® applicant files are clearly stored with all relevant information and documents from the people in the sales consulting firm, the employees of the company receive a comprehensive insight into the applicant communication and the respective applicant status. Furthermore, the contact details of customers and their requirements are stored in the KundenMeister®. The CRM software enables sales people to perfectly coordinate all necessary recruiting, consulting and training tasks and to create the optimum solution for both sides - companies and sales talents.

Integration of a Job Portal into the New Website

For the second time, we were allowed to develop and implement a website for our long-standing customer sales people.

An important part of the new site is the company's innovative job portal, which lets salespeople search for desired jobs directly on the webpage and use filters to refine their search. In order to always present and find current job offers in the portal, an interface to the online job market '' has been set up.


Name: Menschen im Vertrieb Beratungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Head office: Graz, Austria
Branch of industry: Business consulting
Products/services: Consulting, personnel search and sales training for companies as well as career counseling for job seekers
Web address: