Steirischer Jagdschutzverein

Improved contact management by the KundenMeister® from Koerbler

The Steirische Jagdschutzverein was faced with the challenge of optimally and simply managing all contact details of its 22,000 club members. It was therefore particularly important to reduce the administrative burden of the 44 branches, as well as to simplify the cumbersome accounting. By integrating different modules of the software solution from Koerbler, this could be ensured.


  • Simplified management of member data
  • Uniform accounting


  • KundenMeister implementation
  • Implementation of a uniform database


  • Simple billing
  • Cross-branch event calendar

The Steirische Jagdschutzverein, with its location in Graz, was founded in 1882 and today has 44 branches and about 22,000 members. The association represents the interests of its members and is committed to improving hunting legislation. Members of the association receive training and further education, but also for non-members, the association is available as a contact point for questions. Further tasks of the association include topics such as dog hunting, hunting horn players, shooting ranges as well as professional hunters. In addition, the Steirische Jagdschutzverein also holds information events at schools or organizes guided tours in the context of school events.

Mitgliederverwaltung im KundenMeister für den Steirishen Jagdschutzverein

Reduction of the Administrative Effort with the Software Solution from Koerbler

So far, the member data of 22,000 hunters have been managed by each of the 44 branches of the Steirische Jagdschutzverein in different programs, databases or only on paper. Not only that, because of this, the collection of data turned out to be difficult, even a single accounting was not possible for the club.

In order to simplify the management of the contact data as well as the compilation of invoices, the KundenMeister® software invented by Koerbler was implemented in the association. Thus, a single, unified database could be implemented, with which all branches now manage their members accordingly.

Use of Individual Modules of the KundenMeister®

For the Steirischer Jagdschutzverein specific modules of the CRM software were selected and programmed.

This includes the contact database, which now administers the member data. The headquarters of the Steirische Jagdschutzverein has complete access to all contacts, whereas the individual branch administrators can only edit their own members.

Another module of the KundenMeister®, which is used by the Jagdschutzverein, is the so-called invoice module. This allows the club to create 22,000 invoice prescriptions quickly and easily at the touch of a button. Among the particular benefits that could be achieved by this module for the association include the creation of an overview of open items, as well as the fundamental transformation of the collection.

The calendar module of the Koerbler software solution was used to build a cross-event calendar.

Further Advantages of the Software Solution from Koerbler

Due to the central, fail-safe server, there is no longer any need for the association to backup data and perform all backups. Furthermore, the individual branches of the Steirischer Jagdschutzverein have the opportunity to access the respective member databases via iPad or iPhone through the web-based interface of the KundenMeister®. Thus, a location and time-independent management of these data can be guaranteed.


Name: Steirischer Jagdschutzverein
Head office: Graz, Austria
Branch of industry: Hunting, animals and nature
Products/services: Training and further education events
Web address: