Supervision of the training courses by the KundenMeister®

The challenge for United European Gastroenterology was to reduce the extensive management of corporate contacts in Excel files. The data management system KundenMeister® from Koerbler made it much easier to administrate the training courses and participants. Furthermore, the software solution also made it possible to provide relevant information regardless of time and place.


  • Optimal management of company contacts
  • Simplified registration of participants of UEG training courses


  • Implementation of data management system (KundenMeister®)
  • Extension to a customer-specific solution


  • Independent registration of course participants for further education offers
  • Optimized administration of courses and applicants

United European Gastroenterology (UEG) is a non-profit organization based in Vienna dedicated to gastroenterology and representing more than 22,000 specialists in various fields of medicine. This makes UEG the largest organization of its kind in the world.

The UEG is committed to raising the awareness and knowledge of digestive and hepatic diseases in the public and the medical profession in order to generate benefits for patients and raise awareness of the high priority of this topic. Another task of the UEG is the harmonization and improvement of clinical standards throughout Europe. UEG also supports people's clinical and scientific education, as well as basic and clinical research in the field of digestive and liver diseases. As part of this work, the company offers a series of education and training courses led by highly-qualified experts. In addition, the company organizes the so-called 'UEG Week', which is the largest and most prestigious conference of its kind in Europe.

Kontakt- und Seminarverwaltung für UEG

Support for Further Education Through a Central Data Management System from Koerbler

With its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, the KundenMeister®, Koerbler made it easier to supervise the education and training courses offered by United European Gastroenterology. The entire contacts of the company UEG were previously managed with great effort in various Excel files. For this reason, a data management system was implemented. With the KundenMeister®, the company not only simplified the administration of the courses, but also the processes for selecting applicants for these courses. For this selection, a so-called "review" is required, which means that the applications of the course participants must be reviewed twice. This system was specially developed by Koerbler and is used intensively by UEG.

Additional Enhancements for a Custom Solution

Furthermore, extensions to the CRM software were made by Koerbler in order to be able to provide the customer with a tailor-made solution. These enhancements include a duplicate discovery feature, various ways to merge contacts, an advanced search, a password change feature, as well as forms integration and a site registration feature.

Benefits of the Data Management System from Koerbler

The company UEG can now manage the contact information of the trainees much more efficiently with the solution from Koerbler. The targeted approach of specific target groups, and the supply of relevant information, can also be guaranteed by the KundenMeister®. Furthermore, the access to the data is no longer tied to time and place, since the entry into the system via the Internet and thus is also possible via mobile devices.


Name: United European Gastroenterology
Head office: Vienna, Austria
Branch of industry: Gastroenterology
Products/services: Representation of European specialists
Web address: www.ueg.eu