Ticket system for Austria's largest food symposium

With the organization of the 'Chefdays 2017' Rolling Pin Media GmbH was faced with the challenge of a professional ticket system. The generation and sale of the tickets should be easy to handle online. In addition, it was necessary to implement a system that makes the process of entering the event much faster and more efficient.


  • Easy ticket booking for Chefdays 2017
  • Administration of event participants


  • Implementation of a ticketing system
  • Automatic invoice and ticket dispatch by e-mail


  • Faster event entry thanks to QR code ticket
  • Additional service thanks to stored customer data

Founded in 2003, the ROLLING PIN Media Group is one of Europe's most successful and largest special interest media companies with the gastronomy magazine ROLLING PIN, unique events and awards such as 'Leaders of the Year' and the career lounge fair.

For the fourth time in Austria and for the first time in Germany, Rolling Pin organizes the Chefdays in 2017, which are regarded as inspirational fireworks in the catering industry. International top chefs meet together on a stage in Graz and Berlin, exchange ideas with the most innovative and up-to-date suppliers and stage a cooking show of superlatives.

KundenMeister Ticket-System für die Veranstaltung Chefdays 2017

Online Generation and Sale of Chefdays Tickets 2017

In order to make the ticket process for the Chefdays 2017 as easy as possible, Koerbler has developed its own ticket system, which enables the automatic creation of personalized tickets. This system has been integrated directly into the Chefdays website, where cooking enthusiasts and interested parties can sign up for the event. Thanks to the contact form, the buyer data is collected and stored directly in the KundenMeister. The software automatically initiates billing and ticket generation, which are then sent to the participant by e-mail. Both the invoice and the ticket will be issued personalized with the name of the participant, thanks to placeholders.

Simple Ticket Scan via Scan App

For a faster event entry and a simple attendance check, the ticket is also provided with a QR code generated by the KundenMeister. Rolling Pin does not require expensive scanning devices because the codes are scanned with a smartphone and the visitors are registered in the system. Koerbler was thus able to create a comfortable admission method that could both reduce the risk of fraud and establish an additional cost-effective distribution channel.

Simplified and Targeted Customer Communication

In addition to the generation of personalized invoices and tickets, the stored buyer data also enables an improved customer approach and extensive marketing opportunities. Thus, on the one hand, reminder and info SMS can be sent directly to participants with the KundenMeister. On the other hand, ticket buyers can be provided with further event news exclusively if they are interested.


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Head office: Graz, Austria
Branch of industry: Media consulting and publishing
Products/services: Publications of gastronomy magazines, organization of events
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