KundenMeister Training

KundenMeister training and training for the optimal use of our CRM software.

Optimal Preparation for the Use of the KundenMeister Software!

Thanks to our own KundenMeister training courses, you have the opportunity to get an insight into all the possibilities of the software and to get to know the modules of the CRM solution better. We are happy to assist you when it comes to tuning the software to your day-to-day business and show you how to make your work more efficient and successful.


Do you have a challenge with the KundenMeister or do you not understand a function? Stay relaxed!
Often only a small matter and a glance at your computer is enough to help you.

Our remote maintenance is the solution for all cases. This allows us to actively intervene with you, no matter where you are. This is real online help - anytime, anywhere. Simply start our remote maintenance solution and let us know your session number (ID) and your temporary password. That's it. We can then access your computer and assist you. It also works across firewalls, without entering IP addresses or other administrative obstacles.

Contact Details

Download the current version of the remote maintenance solution: www.teamviewer.com/de
Tel. +43 3452 - 214 214 
E-Mail: support@kundenmeister.com 
KundenMeister Manual