First Steps

Welcome to KundenMeister! We show you the most important steps to create a fundamental basis for your business success with our software.

First Steps with the KundenMeister

So that you can create a good and fundamental basis for the use of the KundenMeister in your company, it is first necessary to define the master data in the KundenMeister. Whether contacts, distribution lists, sales phases or more, in the master data you define the most important basic data of your company. Based on this master data, you perform your marketing, sales or administrative activities and bring a certain structure into your company, since all employees will work with the same set of master data. This not only facilitates cooperation, but also allows you to evaluate important data at the touch of a button and to bring it into a clear form of reporting.

Log in to the KundenMeister

  • Step 1: Go to the KundenMeister homepage:
  • Step 2: There you will find the "Login" button in the upper right corner. Log in there with your username (= e-mail address) and the password you have received from us.
  • Step 3: Now you are on the main page of the KundenMeister. At the top you will find the tabs.

KundenMeister Main Modules

On the left side of the menu bar of the KundenMeister, all main modules and main settings are clearly listed. Depending on your needs, these modules can be used by the entire company or only by specific people or departments. Here is a brief overview of the most important modules with their functions.

KundenMeister Kontakt-Modul


Here you can find all your contacts, manage them and see the last comments (= note about the contact).

KundenMeister Marketing- und Vertriebsmodul

Marketing and Sales

This tab includes newsletter/SMS shipping and everything related to social media. Here you will also find everything about sales opportunities and product reports.

KundenMeister Organisationsmodul


Here you can organize your projects, schedules and tasks.

KundenMeister Stammdaten

Master Data

Here you can manage all contact lists etc. and edit the project phases.

The following areas must be noted in the master data:

  • Define, group and import contacts
  • Execute newsletter settings
  • Set phases, sources, and goals for opportunities