Contacts Master Data

The contact management module supports you in the care of your customers and contacts. In the master data you put all important data fields, contact groups, salutations and much more.

Define Contact Master Data

To ensure the best possible use of the contact module, there are numerous options that you can define in the master data area. Before you begin to create the contact master data, you should think about which contacts are relevant for your company and which contact data is important for your activities and service.

For example, it is important for customers to know which products have already been purchased, so you can inform them about additional products or provide quick support in case of problems. Unlike customers, however, supplier conditions play an important role in customer relationship management.

Together with your team, discuss which information about which contacts in the system are required for the optimal execution of their tasks. For a sales representative, other data will be more important than, for example, a customer service representative. Ideally, you should try to integrate the views of all departments in the company. This is the only way to create an optimal basis for managing all your stakeholders.

Basic Data for the First Use of the KundenMeister

First steps that you should definitely carry out for optimum commissioning in the KundenMeister:

  • Define data for the contact profile
  • Set contact groups
  • Import existing contacts from Excel lists