Newsletter Master Data

In the newsletter master data, you can use forms and distribution lists to raise the interests of your customers and create individual newsletter templates

Prepare Basic Data for Newsletters

Whether news newsletter, newsletter for sales purposes or a thank-you mail for subscribing to the newsletter, the success of your release depends mainly on the personal address and the tailor-made content. After all, only those who receive content that really interests them will ultimately also buy, share content or engage in positive word of mouth.

The KundenMeister helps you to create the optimal basis for your newsletter and e-mail marketing activities. Using forms that can be integrated directly into your website, you are able to collect all relevant data about customers, partners, etc. Distribution lists, on the other hand, help you to define the basic topics of your newsletter, so that you can send them to the right target group. And finally you can use individual newsletter templates to create the creative basis for your mailings in your corporate design.

General Newsletter Settings

You should complete your settings before sending your first newsletter to provide it with your personal information. This way you have the possibility to enter your sender, sender address, company name, salutation, etc. in the KundenMeister. Likewise, you have, for example, the opportunity to upload your company or club logo, which is then automatically installed in the newsletter standard template.

For easier identification and recognition, a newsletter should always be accompanied by a personal signature in addition to your contact information. All this you can optimally manage and regulate under the newsletter settings.

Newsletter Data for the First KundenMeister Sending

The following steps should be performed before the first newsletter is sent:

  • Define sender and sender address
  • Set newsletter signature
  • Create newsletter forms
  • Create distribution lists
  • Design newsletter templates