Sales Opportunities Master Data

For a better analysis and evaluation of sales opportunities, simply define phases, sources and sales targets in the master data.

Create the Basis for Your Sales Opportunities

In order for you to turn your potential leads into shoppers, you need a lot of basic information to help you optimally care for your prospects across the entire customer journey. Depending on the phase in which a lead is already located, it requires different information and a differentiated communication with the potential customer. In addition, whenever you look at opportunities, you should always list the source that a prospect came to the company to help you develop and promote strong channels.

Here, too, it is important to work through the sales process of your company together with your sales team. Which phases are there? Which previous sources have already allowed most customers to be acquired? And above all, what are the future sales goals for our team and for each individual sales employee and partner?

Defining of the Sales Opportunities Master Data

Set the following basic information before entering opportunities:

  • opportunities-phase
  • opportunities sources
  • sales targets