Survey Series in the KundenMeister

Surveys can now be put into series

Surveys have already been created easily and quickly with the KundenMeister for your employees or customers. With the new version 3.3.16, however, these can also be set up as a series. A survey series offers the possibility to send surveys on specific topics to contacts according to a defined schedule and to determine their validity by pressing a button.

To create a survey series, under Master Data - Organization - Surveys Series, first generate a survey series and then add the individual, previously created surveys. Afterwards you determine the validity and over the field 'Survey Series', when the survey is to be sent - in the field a '0' this is dispatched immediately, otherwise the dispatch is always calculated from the in each case defined start date of the survey.

Please note that you always have to select the mail template 'Surveys' to send surveys by e-mail and create them in advance!

So that you can now determine which contacts receive which survey series, add the module 'contact survey' to the respective contacts, select the corresponding series and start them. Surveys received and the status of each entry will then be visible on each of your contacts.