Opportunity Phases Links

Easily link your opportunity phases to the status and probability of success of an opportunity

With the new KundenMeister version, you can now easily link your opportunity phases with the status and probability of success of an opportunity. You no longer have to manually change the status or the probability of moving to another phase, but the defined data is automatically transferred to your sales opportunity.

For example, once your opportunity reaches the ‘offer’ stage, it can be defined that the status is automatically ‘open’ and the probability of success is 50%. If the offer is accepted and the phase changes to ‘Order’, the status and probability are also changed, for example to ‘Won’ and 100%.

You make the settings under Master Data - Sales - Sales Opportunities - Opportunity Phases. Under the item ‘Connect Status Opportunities’ you define whether an opportunity in the respective phase is automatically set to Lost, Won or Opened.

If you activate the checkbox in ‘Connect Opportunities Success’ you can define the automatic probability of success for each phase separately.