Survey Module Optimization

Surveys directly feasible for individual contacts

With our survey module you are able to query internal as well as externally relevant information from employees, partners or customers. With the new version 3.4.2, this tool is now also available directly to contacts in the contact view.

For example, in the KundenMeister you can deposit a fixed questionnaire at your contact for projects or sales appointments, which your sales staff will answer together with the customer directly on site - convincing you with much faster and more efficient solutions for your target groups!

To make the tool available to your contacts, you must first create the surveys widget. Of course, you can choose whether the widget should be your own contact tab or should appear within existing (e.g. master data). More detailed information on how to create a widget can be found here in our manual.

If the widget is integrated, you can directly start the survey via the corresponding button and enter the results. If there are any changes after that, or if you would like to carry out the survey again at a later date, you must make sure that the checkbox ‘Editable’ is activated for your respective survey.

The history of your surveys will be clearly displayed on your contact. Click on the magnifying glass to see the exact questions and answers again.