Analytical CRM

The KundenMeister includes an analytical CRM, which supports you in the optimization of in-house processes.

CRM Analysis Made Easy

With the KundenMeister, your CRM analysis becomes child's play. Thanks to numerous functions, your customer data can be systematically evaluated and other CRM measures planned for new and existing customers. It collects data on customer contacts and responses to various marketing and sales activities within a database, ultimately predicting client value, needs and behavior for future business using analytic CRM.

With Analytical CRM the Entire Customer Life Cycle in View

Operational measures are recorded and serve to enrich valuable customer data. The CRM analysis creates a so-called control loop that ensures optimal customer knowledge over the entire customer lifecycle and thus enables the company's strategic orientation to the needs and requirements of its customers.

Analytical CRM in Sales

With the KundenMeister CRM analysis you have the opportunity to evaluate your sales activities at the push of a button. Thanks to extensive product reports, you can see the preferences of your customers at a glance and push them with additional marketing measures or targeted cross-selling. The graphic evaluations of the CRM software include both the analysis of your products as well as product categories by sales and number. Analytical CRM not only allows you to tailor and optimize sales activities, you also benefit from improved category management and innovation/new product development.

Analytisches CRM für Vertrieb

Analytical CRM in Marketing

Also in marketing, the KundenMeister CRM analysis serves to identify customer reactions and their interests. Clearly structured newsletter statistics give you a basic insight into the reading habits of your target groups. Which mail clients are predominantly used by your recipients? How often was the various links in the newsletter clicked? - KundenMeister's analytical CRM tells you! And thanks to the further assignment of your readers to individually defined distribution lists, you can easily plan group-oriented follow-up mailings and marketing campaigns.

Analytisches CRM für Marketing

Features and Benefits of Analytical CRM

  • Evaluations of a large amount of customer data that would not be manageable for humans alone

  • Data gets great value for the company through the analysis

  • Future marketing and sales measures can be better planned and tailored to target groups based on existing CRM analyzes

  • Easier creation of forecasts

  • More extensive know-how about customer needs and behavior