Software for Marketing Employees

The tasks of a marketing employee include not only the creation of newsletters, but also the optimal approach to customers. With the KundenMeister software solution, these activities can now be carried out efficiently and successfully.

So you have the opportunity to easily create newsletter templates and fill them with the latest content. In order to give your customers the feeling of receiving individual information tailored to their wishes and needs, the newsletter can be personalized with a personalized address. Furthermore, you have close contact with the sales department, including the KundenMeister, insight into contact data of new, potential customers. Even for these so-called leads, content has to be prepared perfectly, which is easily possible with the help of the marketing module of the KundenMeister. So you have the opportunity to optimally coordinate your marketing activities and their timing, so that the success is guaranteed!

KundenMeister Software für Marketingmitarbeiter