Address manager

The administration of addresses and contact data ranks among the most important tasks in every company and organisation. Many companies would lose relevant customer information without an efficient address management, which would result in dissatisfied customers.

Using the KundenMeister address manager, you can save all addresses and customer data within one address database, to access all information linked to a contact by the push of a button. The whole customer history is visible at a glance, listing all activities that have taken place in connection with a specific contact. As the KundenMeister address management programme is web-based, all authorised employees can access the customer list, edit it and use the stored information for customer care activities.

In practical terms, it means that you cannot only manage addresses with the KundenMeister but also can aim marketing and sales activities at the interests of specific contacts. You are for example able to assign contacts to contact groups or distribution lists and subsequently send targeted newsletter campaigns with personalised salutation on the basis of the available address pool.

Because all modules within the address administration software are linked to each other, all customer data is brought together. Thus, you always keep track of all purchases of your contacts, which newsletters they have already received and which projects have been implemented for them. That way you can avoid the duplicate data records or performing duplicate marketing activities, as all employees of a company can keep track of the data using the address database software.

With its numerous features the KundenMeister address manager is a versatile CRM address administration tool and helps you to acquire new customers, enhance existing customer relationships and ensure follow-up businesses.

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