Customer management software

An ideal customer management software is above all characterised by the possibility to link all features of a programme with each other, to guarantee efficient workflows. A comprehensive knowledge of customers as well as an integrated communication with them create a consistent appearance of a company, concerning content, formalities and time management. However, to assure these factors, there needs to be a comprehensive CMR contact management.

The KundenMeister customer management software collects numerous addresses, telephone numbers and emails within a customer database and uses this data for customised marketing and sales activities. The arrangement of contacts in contact groups and distribution lists helps you to distinguish between customers, distributors, partner companies etc. and to sort them by areas of interest. This means that the customer management programme stores all projects, products and received newsletters within the customer list of a contact. This is how you can create further targeted campaigns. An example for using the contact management module would be sending out a newsletter about a new car model, as you can see in the customer database that the customer is already interested in brand and has bought the previous model.

Because the contact administration programme of the KundenMeister is web-based, all authorised employees may access the customer data, no matter where and when. Thus, you guarantee the optimum use of your resources to acquire and retain customers and an efficient customer management can be easily implemented in the company.

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