E-Mail Marketing

Enthusiastic readers and loyal customers – e-mail marketing as an effective communication tool

Professional Newsletters Thanks to E-mail Marketing Software

As a form of direct marketing, e-mail marketing aims at establishing and maintaining long-term customer relationships by sending relevant content via e-mail or newsletter. Whether it’s informative content, news, or a direct offer to sell, e-mail marketing is only successful if it reaches those people who actually care about it. But with thousands of contacts and a wide variety of stakeholder groups, it is not so easy to keep track of all areas of interest, preferences and requirements – an e-mail marketing software offers the optimal solution here.

In just a few steps you can create and send individual newsletters and campaigns with the e-mail newsletter program of KundenMeister. The advantage of our professional software lies above all in the intuitive handling, the secure and inexpensive newsletter delivery as well as comprehensive tools for measuring success.

The KundenMeister as Serial Mail Software

Personalization and content tailored to target groups has never been as important in e-mail marketing as it is today. With a mailing software such as the KundenMeister you are able to customize your newsletter without having to enter the contents for each recipient individually. In the blink of an eye, you can use the KundenMeister to create individual mail templates including placeholders for the data to be supplemented with the customer’s personal information. The serial mail software reads the data of your readers from the database, inserts them automatically into the respective e-mail and your personal messages are ready to be sent. Beside the personalization of the content, the KundenMeister enables the coordination of your e-mail marketing activities with certain contact groups. Our serialized messaging software provides you with the perfect foundation for sending customized newsletters to your corporate layout.

Benefits of Intelligent E-Mail Marketing Software

Although it is also possible to send serial letters with Outlook, Thunderbird and Co., in addition to tediously typing in all the recipient information, you are faced with the challenge of often having errors with your mailing and having your mails intercepted by spam filters. E-mail marketing software addresses these obstacles and helps you to sustainably improve the reliability and deliverability of your newsletters. We show you the advantages of an intelligent e-mail newsletter program and how you can benefit from the numerous functions of the KundenMeister.

Efficient Recipient Management

In classic e-mail programs such as Outlook or Thunderbird, maintaining and managing recipient lists is often a major challenge. Cumbersome typing of contact details, missing structure and confusion as well as erroneous and double entry of addresses are just some of the challenges of various e-mail clients. A professional e-mail marketing software, on the other hand, offers a quick and easy solution for managing your address data thanks to easy contact import and intelligent duplicate recognition. A structured and clear presentation of relevant information is safe with the KundenMeister. Since you can subdivide contacts into contact groups with the mailing software or sort customers according to certain characteristics, you will also profit from the functionality of the KundenMeister when you send your newsletter.

Safety and Reliability

Before you send your newsletter to selected recipients, you need a so-called double-opt-in procedure. This means that after signing up for the newsletter, the customer must once again confirm the receipt of such e-mails by clicking on a link. A manual e-mail delivery makes checking the legal security considerably easier, whereas an e-mail marketing software like the KundenMeister automatically takes the double-opt-in procedure into consideration. As soon as a customer fills out the newsletter registration form on your website, the data is transferred directly to the system, and the e-mail newsletter program automatically generates a confirmation e-mail including a confirmation link for the customer.

In addition, the quality and timeliness of your list of recipients is always guaranteed thanks to the automatic detection of hard and soft bounces and possible newsletter unsubscriptions. Hard bounces are so-called undeliverable mails, for example because of invalid addresses, while soft bounces have reached the mail server of the customer, but not the recipient himself. Reason for this could be a full mailbox of your recipient. In addition, programs such as Outlook and Co. make it difficult to manage newsletter unsubscriptions, as your recipient list must always be maintained manually. Our e-mail marketing software immediately registers cancellations and automatically deletes the corresponding customer from the list of recipients.

Easy Success Control

The success in e-mail marketing of course depends heavily on the continuous optimization and adaptation to recipient needs. But how are you supposed to know how well your mailing reaches customers, if you do not have an accurate overview of opening rates, click rates, etc.? Classic e-mail clients such as Outlook and Co. allow only a limited success control – at most cancellations and hard/soft bounces can be determined by submitting error messages. Our e-mail newsletter program generates automated reports and success reports and ensures that you have all important key figures in e-mail marketing in mind. 

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