Email management

For many companies email management is not the only task that has to be fulfilled to be able to contact customers without any restrictions. Summing up events and addresses are also important for customer service. The great number of data as well as filing them in various documents and programmes turns customer management into a significant challenge.

Using the KundenMeister contact management software you can easily manage email addresses and use them for your marketing activities. As the KundenMeister allows comprehensive CRM address management, all individual data and features can be easily linked and coordinated within the programme. The stocks of addresses, email addresses and other customer data is stored in the address database and can be used for targeted newsletter campaigns. Due to the available address stock, a personalised salutation is automatically generated for your contacts and target groups within the address management software.

Furthermore, the address manager module can create newsletter and SMS reports on the push of a button, so you are always able to measure and analyse the success of your mailings. This leads to an even more efficient email management because the reports also contain information about all emails that could not be delivered. This way you can identify invalid email addresses and optimise your address data.

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