Link your accounting and payroll accounting with finance and human resources from the KundenMeister

360° View of Your Finances

With the KundenMeister interface to your existing RZL system you always have your finances under control. Starting with the financial accounting, the revenue and expenditure account, up to the payroll, all the data in a system are available thanks to the interface.

Efficient Linking of All Work Steps

Through the interface, it is no longer necessary to manually transfer financial data or working hours for payroll from one system to another. You start the time recording in the KundenMeister and this is already registered in your RZL system.

Cooperation Made Easy

Often problems with outsourced activities can result if the commissioned company does not use the same system as their own company. With the KundenMeister RZL interface you will be offered the optimal solution to efficiently link your CRM with the RZL system of your tax consultant. The interface ensures the conv

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