Lead Management

Many companies manage to attract the attention of their target groups, but ultimately fail to turn potential buyers into actual buyers. The main reason for this is often the fact that companies do not record relevant data of contacts at all or too unstructured during customer acquisition or simply ignore them during the following support. The solution here is a comprehensive lead management, which includes all measures of a company for lead generation and customer acquisition.

As a CRM software distribution, the KundenMeister manages sales, marketing and organisation of your company and creates the optimal lead management by linking the sales tool with other modules of the software. Since the KundenMeister records all information about a contact within a database, employees can see immediately to what extent the customer has already been serviced and what further steps are now necessary.

Within a sales opportunity, sales managers determine which phase the potential customer is in. Depending on whether this is the first contact, a quotation, negotiation or a won/lost sales opportunity, you can provide the contact with tailor-made information to convince them of your service quality. In addition, KundenMeister sales software allows you to capture the sources through which prospects become aware of your business, so that your lead management also includes the measurement of the success of your marketing campaigns.

By storing important data and areas of interest of your leads, you can take advantage of every sales opportunity and initiate effective lead management measures. This is the only way to guarantee successful customer acquisition and retention!

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